A new concept for an accomplished team.

Nationwide more people are able to share in Waterfront Properties winning recipe. “The market is ripe for the meticulous precision that has become Waterfront Properties hallmark.” says Audrey Wesseloo CEO of Team 1 Waterfront

The name change from Waterfront properties to Team 1 Waterfront Real estate as we are known today, took place in 2002 so that the name could be trade-marked.

Team 1 waterfront agency has been a beacon of stable growth in the fast changing, real estate industry. Presently the team consists of 25 agents focusing on the sale and rental of houses, townhouses, new developments, new development land, farms, industrial and commercial properties. The turnover sevenfold since taking over the franchise in 1995 when it still operated under the Topnet name and grown the market share from 12% to 37% in Centurion. The secret to the success is meticulous planning, controlling detail and managing processes and systems optimally. It is this focus on smoothly running systems that takes the pain out of real estate transactions for all parties involved: the agent, the seller and the buyer.

After all these year’s I am convinced that a smoothly running operation is not a question of hit and run, but it is the result of a recipe that can be reproduced and copied for other business owners. This is why I have decided to try a new concept in South Africa, whereby different smaller real estate agencies individually owned, work under one umbrella sharing stock, systems and expertise to the advantage of all. This gives small agencies the opportunity to build their own business and an asset by “putting heads together” and making things work in a mutual interactive partnership that leads to mutual business prosperity.

I have intimate knowledge of franchising. Before I entered the real estate industry, I was franchisee of the year for The Drain Surgeon (1991/1992) and three times franchisee of the year under the Topnet banner.